Monday, September 19, 2011

Update on JR Vigil

Here is the latest (this past weekend) update from May on JR Vigil’s condition. I saw Tony Friday afternoon. He was very encouraged and optimistic about JR’s progress, but said that they need a lot of prayer that they will maintain strength with the fast pace of activity they are maintaining. It is very difficult to get sleep as they have to watch JR 24-7. He hopes that they will all be back on Guam by the end of October.

Dear All,
Today is the 60th day of the accident.  We been here at St. Luke’s for 19 days now and all of the tubes are out of his body except the IV line. JR still getting the medication to help his brain heal.  Tomorrow will be the end of the
medication so hopefully they will remove the IV line.  When that happens the Physical therapy department can focus on getting his strength and muscles stronger. They are just waiting for the go signal from the main doctor.  The doctor from the prosthesis department came by earlier. By the way he is talking that the prosthesis here are not as advanced as in the mainland US.  I guess that will do for now, as our plan is to take JR back to Colorado to get fitted for better prosthesis.
Please continue to pray for healing on his
brain.  With the brain damaged, he is experiencing double vision and that his vision will return to normal (he gets really frustrated as he is seeing double).  Also pray for his health to continue to get better and that no more infection will occur.  Pray that he will be able to cope with the loss of his legs as he has started to realize what happened.  Sometimes he gets depressed and starts crying and asks why did we let him live.  Pray that God will grant him peace and sleep as he still does not sleep through the night and gets agitated.  Pray that God's grace will continue to be upon him and that he will find God's will in his life.
Please also pray for our family as we are separated right now (Tony is back in Guam) I am here with Michael and JR.  I am dealing mostly with the doctors and nurses here and sometimes I get overwhelmed.  We know through all of this God has a plan, but just have to wait and see.  We have seen a lot of miracles happen (as all the organs started working back to normal).  We praise God and thank Him for all the prayers that are going up for us.  We know that God is our strength and provider, without Him we will be not be here.  We praise God for his faithfulness that are new every morning.
Again from the Vigil family we thank you for all your prayers and support.
In Christ,
Tony, May, JR, Michael

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