Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Pacific Islands University Baccalaureate and Graduation

baccal2012 (4) We have just completed our two-day celebration of the accomplishment of our 27 2012 PIU graduates, which included the Baccalaureate at Bayview Baptist Church on Sunday night and the Commencement ceremony at St. Paul’s North on Monday evening. I have a lot of pictures which I cannot cram into one post so I will put them up in several posts starting today with some pictures I took before the Baccalaureate service. (I am still waiting for a few more pictures taken by others at the events). Thanks to the students for the pictures I borrowed from Facebook. the professional looking pictures were taken by Hartmut Scherer (including this one of the graduates). The rest either Joyce or I took. Enjoy!

Irene Calvo and Joyce (left) are ready for the service to start, along with students and staff. We actually did pretty well this year with start times, only 20 minutes late.

The graduates and audience were ready for the program to start.

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