Monday, September 17, 2012

A Couple Recent Chapels at PIU

SAMSUNG            It seems like “things to do” have been piling up around here at the Owen house and at PIU lately. I thought I would post a couple pictures from our chapels of Friday September 7 and Tuesday September 11. SAMSUNGThe 7th was a bit of a strange day at school as we were without power most of the day. Guam Power Authority was hardening power poles in our neighborhood (replacing wooden power poles with concrete ones) so we did a day of school without any electricity. This is why the classroom building was opened up and everyone was fanning themselves. Friday chapel was led by the Yap summer ministry team. They divided the chapel into groups to represent the main villages of Yap and then spent time praying for the churches and people in each of those villages. I didn’t get to see the whole presentation because I had to leave early to get to the Guam Minister’s monthly meeting.  

SAMSUNG SAMSUNG Tuesday’s chapel was led by two other summer ministry teams. First some members of the Impact Team spoke. You can read more about the Impact Team in my previous post. Rusty and Olivia both gave testimonies about how God worked in their lives through their experience with the summer missions team.



SAMSUNG              Kita Mokut was a one-woman ministry team sent to work with the SAMSUNG            Susanville 1st Baptist Church in Susanville California. Kita had the opportunity to minister to the large Chuukese and Palauan congregations there as well as several women’s and children ministries. She shared how God used the ministry challenges there to push her into doing things she had never done before and deepening her level of trust in God. We are greatly blessed as a campus to hear the reports of God working in the lives of these students.

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