Saturday, December 07, 2013

Senior Chapel Fall 2013

AnotherSAMSUNG            PIU tradition, that I like very much, is the Senior Chapel. During the semester’s last week of chapels the graduating seniors lead one of the chapels. There have been a couple semesters where we had so many graduates that we had to allow two senior chapels to give them all a chance to share. This was not SAMSUNGthe case this time as 4 December graduates led the chapel last Tuesday. At the end of the chapel faculty and staff members lay hands on the graduates and lead in a prayer of dedication as they go out to serve God and their communities. You can see the 4 grads, Christine, Jonie, Sophie and Kevin, front and center in the picture on the left.


Kevin Graham coordinated the chapel time, led the music and gave a testimony about how God has redirected his plans at PIU. This included marriage (we are all praying that his wife will be able to come and live on Guam from the Philippines) and ministry.


Jonie and Sophie shared together and brought Esme up front for moral support. For some reason, again, marriage was an important focus of their presentation.


Ransom will not be graduating until May, but he shared anyway and entertained everyone.

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