Monday, December 24, 2018

Owen Christmas Letter 2018

2018 Christmas Card

I know our Christmas card this year is a little "weird." We just wanted to point out what God has done for us in 2018. Our gift from God this Christmas was continued life and health. Last year at this time we had just returned home from my extended stay at Stanford Hospital for a stem cell transplant. I was confined to the house because of my weakened immune system. Joyce was recovering from a fall in the parking lot which broke her glasses and beat her up pretty badly. What a difference a year makes! Both of us are able to get out and enjoy celebrating the Christmas season this year. Last year we were the sick ones being ministered to by the carolers. Last night we were able to go Christmas caroling. We have also been to a few Christmas services and programs. We are looking forward to spending time with family over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

We are also thanking God for...

  1. Continued clear PET scans and blood tests. We have the big scan coming up in January. We are confident and praying that it will confirm that we are "one-year cancer-free" a major milestone.
  2. Our bill at Stanford is gone. We now owe 0$ on a bill that was $473,000 at the beginning of the month. Joyce said "it feels like we won the lottery."  We thank God for the amazing provision!

So now we are looking ahead to 2019 and are wondering where God is going to take us. I will still be officially in recovery but we are looking forward to being much more active in ministry in the near future. We are available still for sharing our ministry, preaching, teaching etc. in 2019. We would love to fellowship with you. Our schedule is wide open. Please contact me at if you would like us to visit. We will be speaking at the morning service at Gateway Bible Church in Scotts Valley California  on December 30 and at the evening service at Gold Country Baptist Church on January 6th.

May God give you a blessed time celebrating the incarnation of Jesus and a joyful 2019.

God Bless

Dave and Joyce

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