Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Behind the Graduation

If you read my blog yesterday and saw the pictures you saw that our graduation last week was a wonderful event that went very well. However, just a few hours before the event we realized we had a problem. Graduation gowns, hats and tassels had not arrived in the mail even though we had ordered them far in advance and we had been assured that they would come on the plane by priority mail. We had been checking our PO Box religiously and even checked it a couple more times the day before and the day of graduation. Still nothing. (We got them a few days after graduation. We think that they forgot to put the customs statement on the box - we are a US territory but packages still need to clear customs.)

It was at this point that Joyce went into action. The day before graduation, she had already begun to call our alumni to see if they still had their gowns and hats from their graduations. Alumni began to bring them in and Joyce, Anne, Melissa, Sharon, Cheryl and some of the students ironed, altered them etc. to get them ready. We had enough hats and gowns but what about tassels? I don't know who came up with the idea but they bought graduation key chains that were mini '09 tassels and with a little ribbon and ingenuity they became real graduation tassels. A couple of them came off when the grads moved their tassels but overall it was a graduation ceremony save. Hopefully, Joyce will be wearing that graduation hat for real next May!

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