Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Thirtieth Wedding Anniversary

Back on May 26, 1979, on a very warm afternoon in Placerville California, Joyce and I got married. I can guarantee you we had no idea then where we would be 30 years, 3 kids, 3 grandkids, 3 churches and 3 schools later. I married her because she cute and fun (and low maintenance) and came out with the perfect life partner for me. We are where God wants us to be and we are doing something eternally meaningful and brings us joy. So we celebrated this afternoon after I was finished with meetings and she with her English class at the Japanese school. We started off by shopping for her present. I have learned that is the way she likes to do it. Then we went to Lone Star and splurged with the spinach-artichoke dip along with full meals. She got the ribs and I got the sirloin. After that we made our traditional trip to K-Mart to pick out cards. We each pick out one sentimental one and one funny one, and then we give them to each other. After we read them we put them back on the shelf. We have found this to be a fun (and cheap) way to express our sentiments. It was a fun and relaxing evening. Here's to 30 more years!


Adina Caskey said...

We LOVE it! Congrats! God did give you the perfect life partner! Thank you for giving us a new tradition! We LOVE your card idea. . .we don't like spending that money and we also don't like the storage and obligation that comes with all these cards over the years! Thanks!


Jeremy and Adina Caskey

Anonymous said...

Congrats P. Dave...to 30 more years!

Jim, Joanna, and Josh

charity said...

Sorry, this may be late, but Hey, its never to late to congratulate you two!!! Congrats to the two of you and to the 30 more years to come!!...30?? hhahahahha...Thanks for the idea of the card!!...much mor cheap and fast..I think I will do that too..hahaha....

Charity Ruda