Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Joyce and I. We have been on vacation in California so I have not posted for a while. We will be headed back to Guam on Thursday morning and then begin getting ready for the new semester. We have been enjoying spending time with our kids and grand-kids as we go back and forth between La Mirada and Mira Mesa, California. We are spending a couple days in the San Diego area with Matt and family before we head up to LA Wednesday night and then on to the airport Thursday morning. Here are a few pictures from our vacation. The picture on the left was taken at Disney Downtown. We went there Christmas night with Mike, Samantha and the kids to watch the fireworks.

Here are a few more from Christmas day....

Missy came in from Texas on Christmas Eve. Here she is helping Titus and Courage open their Christmas stockings. We did also make our annual pilgrimage to In 'N Out.

We had Christmas lunch at Marie Callender's with Kristin's family. It was good to see them again. We had them take a picture of our whole family, but Milo was asleep and didn't get into the picture.

It was a cold evening for LA but we had a great time at Downtown Disney. The fireworks were great, there was a very good piano player playing in the courtyard, and we sang along with the "holiday" carolers.

We also enjoyed a warm freshly popped bag of kettle corn. Here Titus figures out that he can get more kettle corn from his sister by being nice to her.


The day after Christmas we headed down to Mira Mesa to have another Christmas celebration with all the kids together. Being with family is what we miss most being out in the islands (we also miss great Mexican food, but we got that too) so this was a very special time for us.


The post would not be complete without one very cute picture of Milo. 

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