Wednesday, January 06, 2010

San Diego Wild Animal Park

One of our most interesting activities this vacation was a trip to the San Diego Wild Animal park. The park is pretty close to Matt's house so we decided to go while down there with all the family. Here are a few pictures of that trip.

Of course we started our day with a good breakfast. Here Aunt Missy helps Courage get a good start to the day.

Matt, Mike and Titus scaled the large rock in the parking lot.

Missy took a break on the limb of the tree. We all got a good work-out as the park is quite spread out and we probably walked several miles.

Milo and Courage did not have to do a lot of walking but they took frequent breaks too. Actually Courage does not walk much. Most of the time she is running.

The three Owen kids: Mike, Missy and Matt

Kristin and Missy in the botanical gardens. We spent a lot of time touring the gardens. The Wild Animal Park has a large collection of Southwestern US plants (creepy desert vegetation as Matt calls it). We had our picnic lunch in the middle of the cactus garden.

Everyone enjoyed looking at the water fowl display. Sorry, I didn't take pictures of the animals.

Titus gets up close and personal with a non-carnivorous animal (at least we hope so) in the petting zoo.

Titus also enjoyed riding the wooden animals on the carousel

After the wild animal park adventure we met with Guam friend Aaron Bryce (Matt and Mike's classmate who attended our church on Guam) and his family. In this picture L to R: Samantha (Mike's wife), Courage, Titus, Bradley (Aaron's son), Milo, Matt, Dylan and Aaron

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