Wednesday, December 12, 2012

End of Semester at PIU

SAMSUNGThe Fall 2012 semester at PIU has almost come to an end, yes already! The last day of the semester is Friday the 14th. With the end of the semester comes final exams, projects and papers and that was true for Mike’s history classes and my Theological Research class.SAMSUNG            I got to be one of the judges of the final projects for Mike’s classes (left). The projects involved an elaborate model of a historic place and a cake depicting a historic personage with a group presentation explaining the model and the cake. My class was team taught by Jim Sawyer, Lisa Collins, Bill Wood, Mike and I in which the students were guided in writing papers in the areas of exegesis, systematic theology, historical theology and a summative paper. The summative papers were presented in the final class meeting at my house over a nice dinner (Right).

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG             

On the left Mary Lou explains the significance of the All Saints Church at Wittenberg and the cake which depicted Luther’s 95 Theses. On the right Rommel presents his research paper explaining “The Nature of Worship” as his wife Joy listens.


Ransome and Mike tell us about the subject of their cake, Cleopatra. On the right another group put together a model of Herod’s Temple.


On the left is a model of Solomonic Jerusalem. That group also made a tasty ziggurat out of orange cake. My favorite was the model of Constantinople (right) made entirely out of candy, cake and blue jello. Their cake depicted an icon of Constantine. Sweet!

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