Saturday, December 15, 2012

PIU 2nd Annual Bible Run Coming January 5th

Bible Run Poster

January 5th, 2013 is the second Bible Run Around the Island presented by Pacific Islands University.  Participants join in by relaying 2 copies of the Bible along routes that cover the perimeter of Guam.  Everyone who supports this endeavor is encouraged to pray for the island of Guam, especially the village they are passing through, the people and leadership of the island.  We seek to proclaim that Christ is Lord and join as many people and churches as we can across the island.  This is a tremendous opportunity to help us make an impact on the island for Christ and to raise awareness on island about what is available at PIU. Please see the PIU website ( for more information on how to support the Bible Run whether or not you are on the island of Guam.

We are looking for people to be either mile supporters, major program supporters or runners to participate in the event. The relay run will cover 73 miles around the perimeter of the island. We are trying to get a $100 mile supporter for each mile of the route from on-island and off-island. Each mile supporter can designate as many runners as they want to run in their group. I am sponsoring mile #14 on the Northern route. Joyce and I are asking our family members, off-island friends and mission supporters to sign up as runners on my mile (suggested donation $5-25 and you get a T-Shirt) and symbolically run/walk a mile wherever you are on January 5. (Milo and I did this last year when I was in San Diego). During your run we would ask that you spend the time praying for PIU and the kingdom work in Guam and Micronesia. You can sign up and pay registration right here: if you would like to be part of this. Of course you can also sign up to be a mile supporter or to be one PIU5K (13)[3]of the major supporters of the event at the link above.

If you do this, I would also love to get a picture of you running your mile so that I can post it on my blog (only with your permission of course) so we can all enjoy it together.

Thank you very much for praying for us and the support you are to us, Mike and Samantha and the kids, and this students and staff at PIU.

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