Thursday, January 31, 2013

Faculty Theological Discussion

SAMSUNG            Today the PIU Bible faculty (and a few other faculty) met with our visiting seminary professor Jim Sawyer for a lunchtime theological discussion. Today’s discussion was themed “Asking the right questions” and focused on letting the Bible speak for itself instead of forcing our own theological constructs and questions on the text. We had quite a lively discussion on how we move from the meaning a text had to its original audience to the modern audience without losing the impact of the literary forms and genres.

Image of M. James SawyerAccording to Jim’s Amazon author page, “M. James Sawyer (PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary) has taught Theology, Church History and Historical Theology for nearly thirty years. He currently serves as Professor of Theology at Pacific Islands Evangelical Seminary, Guam and as Director of "Sacred Saga" ministries (” We are very blessed to have Jim as a regular visiting professor teaching a course each semester in systematic or historical theology.

I think the whole group enjoyed the discussion… and the fried bananas too. This kind of theological “water cooler talk” is one of my favorite things about being at PIU.

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