Sunday, January 26, 2014

Friday “Marriage” Chapel

SAMSUNG            The subject of last Friday’s chapel was marriage. Our speaker was PIU Bible teacher and Wycliffe translator Ken Dixon. There were basically two main points to the message. The first one was that marriage is ultimately about God, not just about us. We tend to look at marriage as a way to get our own needs and desires met. Instead we need to look at marriage as an opportunity to SAMSUNG            accomplish the mission God has given us to be the image of God in relationships. Of course, like pretty much everything else in our relationship with God, when we focus on Him our own needs, along with the needs of those around us get met. The second point was that, instead of “following our heart” as we often hear, we need to “lead (our heart.” Ken and Scott Refilong (right) performed a skit that illustrated the importance of doing this. Our hearts (although I think perhaps the biblical meaning for “heart” is a little different than the way we mean it today – but the illustration still works) often lead us in the wrong way but a heart directed by the Word and Spirit of God will produce the kind of marriages that honor God and bring joy to people.

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