Monday, January 20, 2014

The Semester Has Begun!

SAMSUNGJoyce and I returned to Guam early on the morning of January 11th and jumped right into the first day of class on the 13th. In fact, we missed registration and orientation which took place the week before. In addition we also welcomed visiting SAMSUNG            teacher Jim Sawyer who teaches church history and systematic theology for PIES, our PIU Seminary. Well, really we didn’t welcome him since when we arrived back on Guam he was already asleep a few hours in our house. We have been pretty busy getting caught up and jumping right into our responsibilities here. But, we also realize how blessed we are to have a job in ministry and that we get to work with college kids who want to know God better. Can’t beat that!

This semester I am teaching two classes: SAMSUNG            Old Testament Survey for the PIES Seminary and Old Testament History at the undergrad level. I am partially combining the courses with the classes meeting together for 7 overview sessions and then separately for a discussion class with the undergrad students on Wednesday afternoon and continuing for the rest of the semester on MondSAMSUNG            ay nights with the seminarians. We are conducting the seminary class in the conference hall at the Palm Ridge Hotel so that we can better connect the seminary to the community. We are inviting the public to visit the class and check it out to see if it is something that would benefit them. After two class sessions we have been blessed to have several visitors register to take the class as an audit or for-credit student. It is a little different for us to have this big group in a seminary class. But we still do get a lot of discussion. Come and check us out on Mondays 6.30 PM at the Palm Ridge.

SAMSUNGJoyce is back at work with her “WeWork” crews. Her crew takes care of the SAMSUNG            “special projects” around the campus. I think they were cleaning out some storage areas last Saturday. WeWork is an in-campus program that provides the students with some grant money and trains them to be ready for the workplace.


Of course there is always a break time to open up and drink a fresh coconut, or play around a bit..

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