Saturday, December 06, 2014

Decorating for Christmas

SAMSUNGSAMSUNG            The traditional decorating day for the Owen family on Guam is the day after Christmas. (If you do it before then the Thanksgiving elves will get you!) Actually decorating is a process that begins the day after Thanksgiving. So we made a tasty football watching lunch (on Guam the Thanksgiving Day football games are on Friday morning) which I enjoyed despite mourning the 49ers loss and proceeded to decorate. Mostly, Joyce decorated and I took pictures.


She strung up the lights on the front of the house and this is how it turned out

SAMSUNGDecorating (16)

She then went inside to arrange her many nativity sets in the living room as Ziva looked on from the television. Courage and Serenity enjoyed the décor


And here is our Christmas tree. On the right is our “49er Christmas Tree” made out of tuna cans painted gold with red ornaments

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