Friday, December 05, 2014

Senior Chapel Fall 2014

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            We have just completed the next to last week of the semester and are headed into “finals week.” It is hard to believe that the semester has gone so fast. This means that we also just finished the last week of chapel services. Tuesday’s chapel was our traditional “Senior chapel”, in which the December graduates have an opportunity to get up and share with the students and staff what they have learned during their time at PIU (or tell funny stories about their time as a student). This year we have only one December grad – Josh Ladd – and thus, he was the chapel speaker for the “senior chapel.” Josh is an MK, born in Palau, and we have known him since he was a baby, and his parents even before that. So this was a very special chapel for me to hear his take on what God had done in his life in his 4 years at PIU.

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            Josh began with a power point of a retrospective in pictures of his four years here. He then preached a sermon on what it means to “follow Jesus.” He had a big plastic bag full of “stuffs” that represented all the aspects of his life. There was a sign on it that said “Josh’s pile of life.” He said that to follow Jesus meant that all that stuff belonged to Jesus, including the “stuffs you can’t see.” I have enjoyed having Josh in my exegesis classes the last couple years. He always seems to come up with a perspective on a passage that really makes you think. We are excited about the potential for his future ministry and ask you to join us in prayer that God will continue to direct and empower his life.  


And the chapel band provided some good worship music

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