Saturday, June 27, 2015

Another Beautiful Weekend on Guam

SAMSUNGIt was a beautiful warm sunny Saturday on Guam…again. We had a fun weekend. Titus stayed with us last night – - I watched him play video games with a trip in the middle to McDonalds for a Mcflurry (Oreo). We then headed out early in the morning for another basketball game. Titus’ team won again and are undefeated this season at 3-0. It is evident that he enjoys winning. After the game we headed to the PIU car wash at the Lutheran Church of Guam. The students are raising money for a yearbook. It was a perfect day for a car wash, only a little drenching in the morning. We enjoyed spending some time there and then headed into Agana for a Mexican lunch at the Caliente Restaurant. My California burrito was great and was big enough so that it will provide lunch tomorrow too. After a quick stop at Home Depot for some potting soil we headed home for a relaxing time of reading and a nap. Joyce is now potting her new plants and I am posting this. I like these kind of days.


I figure an Oreo McFlurry is a good pre-game meal for an 8 year old.


The students did a great job on my car. I think this is the first time it has been clean since February.

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