Sunday, February 05, 2017

Medical Update

I had the lymph node biopsy yesterday morning. I couldn’t post about it yesterday 20170203_100731 (768x1024)because as soon as I got home I fell into a deep sleep that lasted until about 8pm. Joyce drove me to the hospital through the rain and wind and we arrived at 9am. They got me right in and properly dressed. I confess, I took all the pain medication offered (hence the sleep later). The biopsy itself was pretty simple. It actually took longer to get me hooked up than to do the biopsy. They took a needle into my left lymph node and snipped off 5 pieces. The purpose is to determine if the lymphoma is in the lymph node. I am praying that it is not there because that will mean a shorter treatment is possible with a much greater possibility of success. It is all in God’s hands so we ask you to keep praying.

The people at Marshall Hospital were great. They even gave me a turkey sandwich and cookie while I was in recovery. Now we will wait to hear from Stanford as we move forward in the treatment. Thank you for praying.

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