Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Joyce is Going to Guam

Joyce will be headed to Guam on February 6th, arrives on the 7th, and will be back in California on the 18th. Her main goal for this trip will be to take care of personal and financial business there which we have left neglected while I have been in cancer treatment since December of 2016. Our plan is to have her return to Guam a couple months later to finish up what she starts on this trip. We have a big decision to make about selling or renting our houses there. She will also be boxing up our stuff there that we need here (biblical studies and theology books for example) and selling, or giving away, the rest of the stuff. She will be very busy during the 10 days she is there, but I am guessing she will have some time for socializing. This will be a weird experience for me. Joyce has pretty much taken care of all my needs while I have been in treatment and I will be more on my own while she is gone. I have improved a lot and can drive again so I can get around. Yesterday was the first time I have driven a car by myself in over a year. It seems odd to say that, but it is true. Anyway, we appreciate your prayers for her as she has a lot to accomplish on the trip and for me who has to stay home and wait. Yea, I am a little jealous that she gets to go and I don’t. 

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