Monday, February 05, 2018

Evaluating My 2017-18 NFL Predictions

20180204_130815 (960x1280)Here is something you will not see on ESPN or any other sports network. I promised to hold myself accountable for the NFL predictions I made last Fall and I am doing it. You can see them here. To say the least, I did very poorly, especially with the NFC, missing on all 4 division winners and and both wild cards, although I did have the Falcons in the playoffs. I did better in the AFC getting right 4 of the 6 playoff teams. I got the Steelers and Patriots right as division winners (who didn’t get that one right?) and correctly had the Chiefs and Titans in the playoffs. I missed on both Super Bowl teams. Predicting the Cardinals, Raiders, Giants, and Packers in the playoffs looks pretty bad now, but who could have foreseen Aaron Rogers and Derek Carr getting injured? And, really, did anybody see the Eagles coming? I sure missed that one. I did predict my 49ers to win 5-7 games and they hit that one right in the middle – thank you Jimmy Garappolo. I am pretty sure I’ll be predicting a higher number of wins for my Niners next year. I had a fun football year even though I finished middle of the pack in our family fantasy football league. Congrats to my nephew Jesse Hartt who won it this year. Well here’s to looking forward to next season!

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