Friday, February 16, 2018

Joyce Sent Me Some More Pictures

IMG_20180216_121355 (1280x960)

20180216_134013 (1280x720)Joyce sent me a bunch of pictures yesterday. She is getting toward the end of her time on Guam. Yesterday PIU hosted a lunch for her. (above) She has been able to get a lot of work done and has been able to see a lot of people. On the right she is with some PIU staff in the office. I really do miss getting to see these people every day. Thank you to our long-time friends Tony and May Vigil for letting Joyce stay with them while she was there and providing transportation for her. The plan is to have her return in April to finish up the packing and begin getting our house ready to sell of rent out.

20180215_150420 (1280x720)20180216_160915 (720x1280)20180216_161046 (720x1280)20180216_161421

Here are a few more!

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