Saturday, November 24, 2018

Family Thanksgiving


20181120_164130This Thanksgiving was a pretty “interesting” one. For many years we have been away from our family for Thanksgiving. Last year I was in the hospital for Thanksgiving. This year the plan was to have and enjoy time with our parents and the rest of the family. Thursday the plan went well. We had Thanksgiving dinner with Joyce’s mom and dad at their house. We then proceeded over to my sister Jayne’s house to enjoy the evening with her family and my parents. (see pictures above and below) There were a few people missing but we had a good evening together. We were supposed to have another get-together at my parents’ house on Friday. My brother and his family were coming up to join us. They did join us but we met at the hospital instead of our planned venue. We had to take dad into the ER in the morning. Turns out he has pneumonia and will be in the hospital for a few days. We’d appreciate prayers for him. We did finally eat supper together later in the evening with everyone. With all the changed plans we didn’t take any pictures. Nevertheless, Happy Thanksgiving. Despite our changes in plans God is Good, all the time.


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