Wednesday, November 14, 2018

On the Road for Preaching in Oregon


20181111_123332This past weekend Joyce and I headed up to Ashland Oregon to minister at Ashland Bible Church. This was a monumental weekend for us in many ways. I have not preached in a regular church service in almost two years while I was being treated for lymphoma. 2345So it was a real privilege and blessing for me to be back “in the pulpit” again. Ashland Bible Church has been one of our faithful supporting churches since we went out to Guam in 1993 so it was quite appropriate to begin this new phase of ministry there. We enjoyed staying in the home of our long time friends Garland and Roberta Shinn (left). Joyce led the Sunday School time by sharing about our history of ministry with Liebenzell Mission USA at Pacific Islands University. Then I preached from Psalms 31, and 116 about God’s deliverance and healing from my cancer (11 months cancer free now) and my experiences of God’s presence and care through all of that. When I was first diagnosed with cancer I made a “vow of praise” to God that I would publicly recount the story of his healing presence in my life wherever I go and it was wonderful to be able to begin that there in Ashland. It was a great weekend and I thank God for it. The people there ministered to us and I know that they were touched and encouraged to hear what God has done in our lives, We look forward to doing this more.

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The trip was a long smoky drive up to Oregon (left) and back to California (right) on interstate 5. On the way up we could see the flames of the Camp Fire east of the freeway. On the way back the smoke was still so thick it lowered the temperature 12 degrees. It is sobering to realize how fast circumstances beyond our control can change our lives. This was the main point of my message. Any thought we have that we are in control of our own lives is illusory. We are thankful that we serve the One who has defeated the chaos of death, sin, cancer, and disaster.

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