Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Goodbye Party

Thursday our PIBC/PIU group met at the Magellan Restaurant in the Niko Hotel to say goodbye to Jens and Karin Schulz. Actually Jens and Karin won't be leaving for a couple weeks yet, but several of our people will be off-island when they actually leave. So by popular demand we had the going-away lunch a little early. Jens and Karin have been at PIBC for nine years now as the Chief Financial Officer (Jens) and bookkeeper (Karin). There were a lot of reminisces about how much PIBC has changed during the time they have been there. The Schulz's have played a very important part in the foundation and development of PIBC/PIU as an accredited institution of higher learning and they will be greatly missed.

Except for having to make another goodbye speech, the party was fun. The traditional going away gift was given - a couple Flores' prints depicting life on Guam. The Niko has a pretty good lunch buffet which changes every couple weeks. This week's menu featured Asian. Despite the fact that we had to say goodbye (again!) we always have a good time whenever we get the group together, although we did miss quite a few of our PIU family who are on the mainland raising support.

By the way, We have not yet found replacements for Jens and Karin. We still need someone to come in to replace Jens as our VP of Finance and Operations and we need to find (at least) a part-time bookkeeper. We will have our remaining office staff cover some of the responsibilities but we have an urgent need to find someone very soon to get ready for the coming school year. Please pray for this need. And consider, wouldn't you like to join this good-looking group doing Kingdom work here in the islands?

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Ethel said...

I am sad to know that Jens and Karin are leaving. I thought they will be there for another 3 years.

Praying for PIBC,