Saturday, July 04, 2009

Cool Stuff at the Japanese School

Joyce continues to work at the Japanese School of Guam as an English teacher. She enjoys her work there very much. So much so, that she has increased her weekly hours. She works three mornings (Tuesday to Thursday 4 hours) a week in the classroom and has added two hours each on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon in the after school care program. This works very well with her classes and teaching schedule at PIBC/PIU. It also gives her an opportunity to have some interaction outside the PIBC and church community. Of course the school is very happy with her work and has hired her for the next school year.

Joyce says that one of the cool things about doing the after-school care is the different equipment the Japanese school has in their play-yard.....

Of course there are the standard swings, that are not always used in the way they were originally designed to be used.

Then there are these balance posts to run and walk on.

And then there is this tire/pole/rope thing that looks like a lot of fun to play on. I have heard a rumor that Joyce can get air-borne off of this thing. Joyce says that the really cool thing is the garden at the Japanese school and she promises to bring home some pictures of that for a future post.

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Dave Owen said...

Whoops. Joyce pointed out to me that the first picture here is of her Sunday School class at Bayview. Obviously I didn't look carefully at the picture before I posted it.