Saturday, July 11, 2009

Further Adventures of Joyce

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Joyce and Anne went to the Mango Festival in Agat last week. Here they are pictured with some of the mangoes. Joyce also came home with some unusual jewelry (pictured on the right). The round beads are made from coral and the more rectangular shaped beads are made from the vertebrae of Guam Brown Tree Snakes. She really likes her unusual necklace and earrings. So now Joyce is looking for a 4 foot, or longer, snake so that she can kill it and trade it for another jewelry set. The guy that makes the jewelry says that when she kills it she should put the whole snake into the freezer until she can bring it to him. So be careful if you are reaching into our freezer for ice cubes.

Joyce has also been putting a lot of work into our yard. She has the Japanese grass pretty well spread through the front and back yards now. I have been posting some pictures of her flowers in several posts over the last few weeks. We have also the enjoyed
the production of her fruit and nut trees. Saturday, on the first sunny morning after a week of pretty much constant rain, we also realized that we are growing mushrooms. Once you get the plants into the hard ground and rooted (that is the hard part) things seem to grow pretty well here!

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