Friday, February 05, 2010

An Average Day for a Birthday

So today was my birthday and of course everyone is asking me how it feels to be a year older and, of course I am saying that I don't feel any different. I guess when I think of the years in chunks of 10 I do feel different. (36 years passed between the times these 2 pictures were taken) 10 years ago I was playing basketball 3-4 times a week and pastoring a church, neither of which I do now. And even though I am still one year away from the senior citizen discount at the movies, 54 is not a bad age to be. Even though my knees hurt for days if I try to play basketball (it was 10 years ago when I tore up my knee) I am not really limited at all physically from what I want to do. I have a great job/ministry here at Pacific Islands University where I get to interact with young people every day and have co-workers and friends that are like family to me. It is such a blessing to know that what we do has eternal meaning and purpose, even when I am stuck in the office for a couple weeks like I have been getting handbooks and 5 year plans completed. Joyce and I have had a few years now without kids around to get to know each other all over again and are more in love than when we married 30+ years ago. We'll go out tomorrow night to celebrate both of our birthdays, have a steak and salad, and take a walk on the beach. So on my birthday I spent the morning in the office (budget meeting, board meeting preparation) went to the Guam minister's meeting for lunch, did some class prep in the afternoon and attending a student meeting in the evening. It was pretty much an average day for me. But an average day in a place you love doing what God made you to do is a pretty good day. So, I suppose, happy birthday to me!

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