Monday, February 08, 2010

PIU Super Bowl - Birthday Party

As is our annual custom we canceled our Monday morning administration meeting to meet at our house for the PIU super bowl party. In the Guam time zone, the live Super bowl broadcast began at 9 AM on Monday. Since the Super Bowl is usually the same weekend as my birthday we make it a combination Super Bowl and birthday party. Mr. 49er potato head pictured here was my birthday present. Since our assistant Dean of Women, Daisy Murdock, also has a birthday this week it was a birthday party for her too. Joyce made my favorite triple chocolate cake (with chocolate pudding, chocolate chips and chocolate icing) which she only makes once a year for this occasion. This year the addition of Rob Watt's chicken wing cooker brought much more variety to our wings for breakfast tradition. We were pretty much evenly split between Saints and Colts fans. Here are some pictures from the celebration...

Daisy and I pose for a picture before we open our presents. 

I love my 49er Mr. Potato Head. The 49ers are #1 and Joe Montana is the greatest quarterback of all time. 

Everyone had a great time and enjoyed another highly entertaining Super Bowl
Tim Plaxton enjoyed the game but is still disappointed that the Rams moved out of LA. Jo Romaniello was disappointed that Guam does not get the American commercials. 

Joyce's birthday was two weeks ago but she is still opening presents. 


Michael W. Owen said...

You should have brought up youtube on the computer and watched the American commercials there while the Guam commercials were playing on the TV.

Unknown said...

Yup.....that would have been the thing to do!