Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Goodbye Perry

This afternoon the staff and students gathered to say goodbye to Perry Webb. Perry joined us on the PIU campus from Oregon about 4 weeks ago as a volunteer to work with our maintenance director Tim Plaxton. Perry has completed several much needed projects and we have been thankful that he has been able to get to so many things that we just didn't have the manpower to do. In addition he has been a real encouragement to the students and staff as he worked, hiked and hung around with staff and students. Even with all the work he put in, Perry also got around the island quite a bit and was able to take in Guam's beauty above and beneath the water line. Thank you Perry! We hope you will be able to come back and see us again.

There are several opportunities for short or long term volunteers at PIU. We could use one or two office workers or bookkeepers and are always in need of people who can fix things that 120 students (and occasionally staff) break in the course of a semester. If you are interested to check out volunteer service at PIU send me an email at

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