Thursday, April 08, 2010

Meet the Voices of Micronesia #1 - Jayleen Nakamura

Today I am beginning a new series on my blog introducing you to the members of our Voices of Micronesia team that will be touring the US mainland (mostly California this time) from May 12th until July 17th. Each post will introduce you to a new member of the team....

Jayleen Nakamura
  Home:   Weno and Satawan, Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia
   Age: 20, 3rd Year Student

Jayleen spent her pre-school years living on the island of Satawan with her grandparents. Her earliest memories were of working in the taro patch and going fishing with her grandfather. When she was in elementary school she moved back in with her parents in the district center on the island of Weno. Her parents were "very religious" but her father's family is Catholic and her mother's is Protestant, so Jayleen was very confused about what the Bible said and what it meant to be a Christian. When she finished elementary school her family sent her to Palau to attend Bethania Christian High School. It was at Bethania where her confusion about what it meant to be a Christian was cleared up and Jayleen began a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jayleen says that the experience of preparing for this summer trip has helped her learn to trust God and be patient to listen and wait for God's direction in her life. She is looking forward to the experience of doing ministry in a culture different than her own, eating food that is different from the rice and spam that she is used to and seeing things she never thought that she would get to see. She is excited to see how her life can impact American Christians.

Jayleen's goal after graduation is to be a missionary to unreached people groups, perhaps in Africa. She plans to get additional training as either a teacher or in the medical field after she gets her BA in biblical studies.


Jen said...

Jayleen I love you and am praying for you!

Meluat said...

YOu have been a blessing to a lot of people, Jayleen, and you have a lot of characters of leadership in you. I respect you as you are and I can't wait to work with you on this upcoming mission. Thank you for being a blessing to my life.

Joyleen Haser said...

At first glance, I thought PIU had started a rock n roll

Girl, you'll get to see aunty Sera's footsteps..oh and it'll be great for your diet..lose the spam n rice..hehe..

I second Meluat, you've been a blessing to our familian Lemas as well.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work jay. You inspired me more and more especially the way you eat..