Saturday, April 10, 2010

Meet the Voices of Micronesia #3 - MayMay Marar

This is the third post in this series introducing the 15 student and 6 staff members of the Pacific Islands University Voices of Micronesia team. I am very excited to be able to buy the tickets for the airfares this week. The team is continuing to raise support for traveling funds (gas, food, lodging) once we get to the US Mainland. Most of our lodging is already set up but we will still need a few places to stay along the way. So let me introduce you to...

MayMay Marar
   Home: Weno (Witam), Moch, Tolowas, Udot, Fanapanges and Satawan islands, Chuuk, FSM
   Age: 22, Graduate Student - Master of Arts in Religion, BA graduate in December 2009

   MayMay is also a staff member. She works in our advancement office as alumni relations director.  

MayMay grew up in a Christian home, going back and forth during her childhood between Chuuk and Hawaii. She went to public school in Hawaii, but when she was in Chuuk she went to Berea Christian school. She remembers many good times as a child hanging out with her cousins, many of whom are PIU students or alumni. Her grandparents introduced her to Christ by taking her to Sunday School when she was small. Later, while living in Hawaii she "went away from Christ and disobeyed" but still wanted to go to the, then PIBC campus, on Tol Island in Chuuk. During her second year on the Tol campus, MayMay made her decision to trust Christ. That was when she moved from "knowing about Christ" to "personal relationship with Christ." 

So far the preparation for this trip has taught MayMay to trust in God to provide for her needs and she has seen Proverbs 3.5-6 happen in her life. One of her main goals for the trip is to grow in courage to speak boldly in front of people, and not be so shy, so that she will not be kept from speaking up for her faith. She is also looking forward to meeting many new people. 

MayMay is planning to get her MAR degree with an emphasis in Christian Counseling, so that she can return to her islands and help people deal with the many social and personal problems there. She also said that I need to make sure to tell everyone that she thinks, "PIU is the bomb!"


Alamea said...

I love you sister maymay....

Alamea said...

i nuff u sister Maymay... I pray to our heavenly Father above to continue using you in many ways. And thank God for you being part of my life.

Ur cousin/ lil sis,
Dorbo (Paylinn Doralynn Sias)

Joyleen Haser said...

Way2go gurl! We, women of Micronesia need to step out of our shells.

Another excitement added to the trip, knowing it's a trip to home, yea?