Sunday, April 25, 2010

Meet the Voices of Micronesia #8 - Justin Marar

We are just a little more than two weeks away from our departure from Guam on May 12th. All the loose ends are pretty much coming together except one - we need ground transportation for the team once we get to California. We thought we had two large vans but that did not work out. Now we are attempting to rent two 12-passenger vans. We need them for two months - from May 12th to July 17th. Please be praying for us on this, or, if you can have access to this kind of transportation (21 people) please let us know. The time is getting close. In the meantime I would like to introduce you to

Justin Marar
   Home: Weno (Witam), Moch, Tolowas, Udot, Fanapanges and Satawan islands, Chuuk, FSM
   Age: 21, Third Year Student in the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies program with a Minor in General Ministries

    Justin is the younger brother of VOM Team member MayMay Marar and is one of the team's keyboard players. 

Justin grew up in the home of his grandparents in Weno, Chuuk.  It was a Christian home and he remembers hearing about Jesus from his grandparents at a very early age. He went to Mizpah Christian High School, and it was while he was there he attended a spiritual retreat and was led to make a decision to trust Christ by Mizpah principal, PIU alumnus Steioshy Manuel. After graduating from Mizpah Justin attended the PIU Tol, Chuuk campus for two years before transferring to the Guam campus for this school year. One of his favorite activities is playing basketball and he has been playing in leagues for several years. Most of his basketball has been on outside playgrounds. His first time in a gym was in 2007 when his team won the Chuuk championship. Justin also enjoys music and was a member of the "Brothers in Christ" band. 

Justin was a late addition to the VOM team, to fill the need for another keyboard player and more male singers, and so his lost passport and too short time to raise support was a concern.  His new passport has already arrived and the money for airfare was also taken care of. His grandparents had sent twice as much money as was needed for his sister's airfare and they were wondering why. When Justin was added to the team the money was already there and the question was answered. Justin is excited about this opportunity to use his musical talents to serve God and to let people know that, though "Chuukese people are quiet," they have a lot to share with the world spiritually and culturally. 

Justin is not sure what he wants to do after he graduates from PIU, but he thinks he might want to teach or work for a Christian organization. 

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Leeman said...

Glad to have you on the team brother Justing... hope God will bless your heart and that you will be a blessing to many.