Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Day on the South End of Guam

Matt and his family went back to San Diego last weekend and both Joyce and I are back to work. I started back in the office at PIU on Monday, working on getting ready for the upcoming semester, and Joyce went back to work at the Guam Japanese School today (more on both of these in upcoming posts). However, I do have a few more pictures from our vacation time and thought I would post them today. A couple days after Christmas we headed down to the Southern end of Guam. Many of the most beautiful sites on the island are there. Everyone wanted to take a swim at the Inarajan pools and then stop for a bite to eat at Jeff's Pirate Cove. Here are a few pictures of a nice relaxing day on Guam.

One of our kids' favorite places to go on Guam is the Inarajan Pools. It has a nice shallow tide pool that is full of all kinds of fish and has a beautiful view of the reef. But I think this diving platform is the main reason they like it so much.

The Japanese tourists cheered when Michael jumped off the platform holding Titus and Courage. 

Matt and Milo enjoyed a swim in the pool

After an afternoon of swimming and diving we headed over to Jeff's Pirate Cove to eat. Jeff's has one of the best fresh fish sandwiches on the island. Milo enjoyed his soft-serve ice cream.

Matt, Kristin and Milo pose in front of the pirate mural. This is part of the museum at JPC. They also have a large gift shop and there is an ifil wood carver across the street. We spent a couple hours there and had plenty to do and see.

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