Friday, January 28, 2011

Theological Discussion with Titus

My 4 year old grandson Titus and his sister Courage spent the day with us today. This afternoon we were watching a biblical themed show on the Discovery Channel together and it got us into the following discussion....

Titus: God is an angel. How did God get to be an angel?

Me: God is not an angel. The angels work for God.

Titus: Yes he is. My dad and I talked last night and he told me that God is an angel.

Me: Are you sure that it was your dad said?

Titus: Yes he told me that.

Titus: Grandpa are you going to die soon?

Me: Why do you ask that?

Titus: Because when you get old you run out of life.

Me: I think I have some life left.

Titus: You don't have as much life left as me.

Me: You are right about that.

I am co-teaching a class with Mike right now. I may wait a little while to add Titus to the faculty.


Michael Lockridge said...

That's cool. It reminds me of when Matthew (my son) was little. I was tired, laying on the couch. I had been working a lot. He came into the room with a Bible, opened it up, and said, "The life of the heart is good." Satisfied that his work was done, he closed the Bible and left the room.

Maybe we can consider God a non-created self-sustaining MegaAngel. It could go down at the bottom of the list of descriptive terms, in small print. The Scholastics in Heaven can spend an eon or two discussing it.

Dave Owen said...

According to his dad, Titus is discussing Angel of the Lord theology from the Old Testament appearances. Hmmm, not sure about that.