Monday, January 24, 2011

Missy and Cliff Arrive on Guam

Last Sunday (the 16th) we welcomed our daughter Missy and her husband Cliff to Guam. Since Missy was born and grew up on Guam, it was a homecoming for her, but it was the first time Cliff had ever been here. After a couple days here Cliff said that Guam was not what he expected. I think some people think that, since we are a tropical island we wear grass skirts and live in grass huts and, on the other extreme, since we are a US territory and have two large US military bases, that we are just like the US Mainland. Cliff knew better than that since Missy has been telling him about Guam for a long time, but I think he was amazed by the beauty, the various cultures and the variety of things to do here. I think both Cliff and Missy enjoyed our tropical temperatures after leaving Dallas in the low 20's. When they got out of the airport the first thing they had to do was strip off winter coats and hats. After this picture was taken it was pretty much shorts and zorries for them for the rest of the week.

Since Missy and Cliff are hardcore Pittsburgh Steelers fans the first thing we had to on Sunday, when they woke up (after arriving at 2.00 AM), was watch the Steelers playoff game. They enjoyed watching the Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens. As you can see they brought their jerseys and they worked hard to cheer their team on to victory. Neither one of them actually sits down to watch the game.

That afternoon we also celebrated another Christmas so that we could exchange presents. Mike, Samantha and the kids came over to make it another family Christmas with turkey dinner and everything. We already had gotten rid of the tree but we still had a lot of the decorations up. Note the nice Guam bag that Mike and Sam wrapped Cliff and Missy's present in.

Here Titus helps Missy get another present open. We had a great week with them and I will be posting a few more pictures of the week's events. In addition, this was the first week of the new school semester (will make a couple posts on that too) so we were balancing work responsibilities with showing Missy and Cliff around the island.

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