Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chuuk Trip #1

SAMSUNG            I am in San Diego now (more on that later) but I began this trip last week with a quick flight to Chuuk. I stayed at the Truk Stop Hotel (owned by PIU advisory board members Bill and Kiki Stinnette) and the pictures are from the window of my room there. I had a good opportunity to talk with Kiki about PIU partnering with the Chuuk Women’s Council to SAMSUNG            help with degree completion and service learning for women. I also was able to meet twice with Noha Ruben and John Sound from the Chuuk Department of Education. We discussed helping the teachers of Faichuuk complete their AA and BA degrees to meet the deadlines of the US Department of Education. I also met with Yosta Lodge from Faithwalk Christian College about completing our partnership with the Evangelical Church of Chuuk and FCC (see posts here and here about our renewed partnership). I was invited to go out to Tol, see the students and prepare them to take the PIU entrance exam. Some pictures of my trip in the next post.

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