Friday, May 16, 2014

This Week in the Psalms #6–(121-150)

ps 150Today my annual reading in the Psalms comes to an end. I will go back to the commentary set I have been reading this year for the section on Wisdom Literature, but I think I will continue to post my own thoughts weekly on what I am reading in addition to the quotes from the commentary. I welcome comments on these posts on my Facebook page (more interactive there) and enjoy the discussion. Every time I read the Psalms I find God ministering to me in a different way than before. This year the big issue for me was to take a “bigger picture” more realistic view of the importance of my life and ministry within the bigger scope of who God is and how big is kingdom is. It does take a lot of the pressure off and, even though, this has been one of the hardest years of ministry on Guam, I find myself able to sleep pretty well most nights!

We look to many things to provide help for life and ministry. But God is the only reliable and constant help. Psalm 121

God's people should be a place of safety characterized by peace, joy, love and good. Psalm 122

The contempt of the self-confident should turn our eyes to God and his grace (not to revenge). Psalm 123

God the Creator assures that, though the floods of trouble threaten to overwhelm us, they will not destroy us. Psalm 124

Despite what it looks like now, God's people will inherit the earth. Psalm 125

The difficulties of life and ministry for the righteous in the present will be blown away by the great blessings of God in his final kingdom. Psalm 126

If your mission and work are not God given and directed, it does not matter how hard you work. Your work will amount to nothing. But the legacy of someone who follows his God-given path will have influence for many generations. Psalm 127

The best thing you can do for your family and community is live for God. Psalm 128

Evil attacks us now, but evil does not win in the end. Psalm 129

God's character to forgive sin and redeem his broken people should be a strong motive and assurance for prayer. Psalm 130

We don't have the qualifications to be God. We are God's dependents and we come to him with trust and hope. Psalm 131

God will keep his promise to put a Son of David on the throne of his eternal kingdom, in which the full blessings of peace will be enjoyed by everyone. Psalm 132

The unity of God's people is evidence of God's presence and a foretaste of his perfect kingdom. Psalm 133

Everyone has an invitation to come into God's presence and worship. Psalm 134

Praise is the proper response to our Creator who calls us into relationship with him and is actively involved with his people and in his creation. Psalm 135

Give thanks to the Creator and Sustainer of the universe because he is intimately involved in relationship with his creation and guarantees its salvation with an eternal covenant. Psalm 136

In the midst of torment and persecution we hope for God's kingdom and we trust him to judge our oppressors. Psalm 137

God's covenant with his people assures his saving and protecting presence with them and, ultimately, his rule through them. Psalm 138

Prayer: God from conception to beyond death you know everything about me. By your spirit help me to know myself and think of myself the way you know me and help me to think of my world with your thoughts and concerns. Psalm 139

Prayer: Lord, protect me from the oppression of evil people and from the temptation to gain from misusing others. Help me to be an instrument to bring justice for the needy and advance your kingdom. Psalm 140

People that tell us the truth about our own evil deeds and words are sent from God to keep us off of a path that leads to destruction. Psalm 141 

In the moments when there seems to be no hope of rescue or success, remember that God can and will deliver, and pray. Psalm 142

God does not hear our prayers and work in our lives because we deserve it. He does it because of his covenant love for his people and his desire to restore his image in us. Psalm 143

It is amazing that we can be in relationship with God. Enjoying his presence as we trust in him is the greatest blessing we can have, and yet, so many other wonderful blessings flow from his presence with us. Psalm 144

It is good to let people know about God's character and actions, because he has been, and will always be there to hear prayers and provide for his people. Psalm 145

Don't follow human agendas because they will fail. Only God's agenda is eternal and it is recognized in this age by its compassion and care for the poor and needy. Psalm 146

It is good to write songs about God because he created and sustains the world, he lifts up the needy and outcasts, and he takes pleasure in relationship with his people. Psalm 147

All of creation should praise God. Only he is worthy of worship because only he is uncreated. All other things that people worship fall short. Psalm 148

Celebrate before God now because he will remove the oppressor and bring justice to this world. Psalm 149

Everyone should praise God with any means, any talent, any media or anything else that he has given to them. Psalm 150

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