Tuesday, November 10, 2015

PIU K2 Retreat #2

P1110871 (1280x1129)As I said yesterday, I have a lot of pictures of the K2 retreat which took place last weekend.P1110880 (1161x1280) I picked up several more pictures from Hartmut Scherer last night, which are way better than the ones I took, so I want to incorporate some of them as well. Most of the pictures in this post will come from the Friday events. I missed a lot on Friday because I was jetlagging so bad I ended up sleeping about 12 hours that day. Friday began with an on campus breakfast, followed by a community service event in which we helped “clean and green” the neighborhood around PIU. After Pizza Hut for lunch, the students and staff went to Merizo for some swimming. That evening we returned to the Lutheran Church for another service and stayed the night there.

P1110875 (1280x1044)P1110876 (1210x1280)

Clean and Green followed by Fun and Sun

P1110844 (1280x875)P1110859 (1280x790)

As you can see from my zombielike appearance I needed the sleep. The campus people look considerably better.

P1110923 (1280x1135)P1110942 (1280x960)

Friday night dinner at the Lutheran Church of Guam

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