Tuesday, November 24, 2015

PIU Thanksgiving Chapel

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2015-11-24 11.33.022015-11-24 11.50.06Yesterday we enjoyed our annual PIU Thanksgiving chapel. Students, faculty and staff had an open microphone to share why they are thankful in word or song. Mayson Red and Mike Owen staged a poetry battle with two original poems each. Even though I have been sick the last week it was an encouraging hour. I am looking forward to our Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday. L to R above: Mayson and Mike slam us with some poetry, Howard Merrell tells us to be thankful for the little things, like toes that move, Liann was thankful to be back in PIU another year and Janny, right, was thankful for rides to school and that God used this semester to get a vision for her future ministry. Jackie, left, was thankful for a couple insights God has shown her over the last few months.

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There was some excellent singing. Some students that I had not heard from before sang beautifully. I am always amazed each year at the musical talent and beautiful voices displayed by our students

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Arie made her first appearance at chapel. She delivered the main expository message; uh not really. Samantha shared a little of what God is doing in her life and I got a picture of Addy holding the baby after chapel..

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