Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmastime on Guam #2

DSC07666 (1280x960)DSC07668 (1280x960)One of the fun things we did was to go to the Governor’s House Christmas display with Mike, Samantha and the kids. They really did up big this year. It was a beautiful night and we had a very enjoyable time.



DSC07665 (1280x960)DSC07669 (1280x960)DSC07672 (1280x960)

Lots of lights and dsiplays

DSC07673 (1280x960)DSC07675 (1280x960)DSC07681 (1280x960)

Dozens of elaborately decorated Christmas trees

DSC07676 (1280x960)DSC07678 (1280x960)DSC07679 (1280x960)

We took our pictures with the governor’s seal

DSC07683 (1280x960)DSC07684 (1280x960)DSC07686 (1280x960)

And rode the Christmas train

DSC07692 (1280x960)DSC07693 (1280x960)

Pictures with Santa

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