Monday, December 14, 2015

PIU in Pohnpei

After our few days in Chuuk last week, Dr. Juan Flores and I headed for Pohnpei. Recently we concluded an agreement with Ohwa Theological College there to begin offering PIU distance education courses there. Juan and I were in Pohnpei to see if we could get the classes set up for the January semester. We met our friend, Pohnpei State Senator Shelton Neth, at the airport, and set up our schedule. On Thursday we met with the OTC students to collect their applications and go over the process to become accepted PIU students.  I had the opportunity to teach the opening session of the OT Survey class to give the students a little taste of what PIU offers. We then drove up to Madolenihmw High School and presented PIU to about 100 seniors. I don’t know how many students we will see but they took all our brochures.

On Friday we had an opportunity to meet with the FSM Vice President and the Director of Education in the afternoon. They asked us for a proposal to help their public schools meet the new educational standards. Earlier Juan taught a seminar for the teachers at Ohwa High School to help them prepare students for post-secondary education. We pretty much accomplished almost everything we hoped for. There is still some testing to be done and we need to get complete applications but it looks like we could have about 15 students there in Pohnpei for the upcoming semester. We appreciate your prayers for the completion of this project.

Pohnpei is a beautiful place. This was our view during one evening meal.

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