Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmastime on Guam

DSC07693 (1280x960)It is Christmas Day in California and I am sitting here waiting for our family members to arrive tonight for our family celebration. WDSC07696 (1280x960)e will actually do most of our Christmas celebration on the 26th so everyone can get here. Whenever we have a celebration like this we are either missing Guam friends or our stateside friends and family. So I thought while I was waiting I would post a few pictures of our Guam Christmas celebration before we left last week. We were pretty busy those weeks and I didn’t have much time to post. These pics are from various Christmas events we attended before we left on the 18th. This may require more than one post…

DSC07620 (1280x960)DSC07628 (1240x1280)DSC07629 (983x1280)

I missed the Advent chapel at PIU when I was in Pohnpei

DSC07648 (1280x960)DSC07653 (1280x960)

My flight from Pohnpei was delayed 24 hours so I barely made it back for the PIU faculty-staff Christmas party

DSC07641 (1280x960)DSC07642 (1280x960)

We enjoyed the gift exchange

2015-12-15 13.54.542015-12-15 13.56.15DSC07661 (1280x960)

And decorating and school programs

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