Sunday, August 14, 2016

Air Conditioning!

AC (6)

AC (1)PIU now has air conditioning in all the common areas of the men’s and women’s dormitories! Above, you can see us enjoying the cool air in the living room of the ladies’ dorm after working on painting the dorm rooms. A few years ago we air conditioned all the individual dorm rooms for security (the girls especially were not safe when they had to keep their windows open for air) and to make the rooms bearable for sleeping and living. This created a problem with moisture creation in the kitchen, common rooms and hallways which were not AC’d. This summer God blessed us with a special project donation from our partners at Gateway Bible Church in Scotts Valley, California, designated for providing for this need. Thank you Gateway people for this generous donation and for your 34 year long partnership with us in God’s kingdom work in Micronesia!

AC (2)AC (3)

Here is the new air conditioner in the Men’s dormitory

AC (4)AC (5)

Even Jayna is very happy with the new air conditioning.

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