Friday, August 19, 2016

Fall Semester Work Day

Work Day Friday (8)

We are less than a week away from the arrival of the students for the Fall semester at PIU. Actually a few have already arrived. So Friday was our annual “get the buildings ready” work day. I don’t know of many colleges where the faculty and staff give a day to come and get the dorms, classrooms, and offices ready for the upcoming school year. We are thankful for our dedicated, servant-hearted people who are willing to do that. Today (Saturday) we have a volunteer team coming from the air force who will help us finish up the needed painting. We are hoping for a not-so-rainy day today to complete that task. Thank you to all who helped yesterday and will be helping today.

Work Day Friday (1)Work Day Friday (2)

Hartmut and Urte worked on getting classroom 1A and 1B ready to go

Work Day Friday (3)Work Day Friday (4)

Kaki made sure the bathrooms in the classroom building were up to standards and Iotaka cleaned Classroom 2

Work Day Friday (5)Work Day Friday (6)

Princess, Celia and Vivianne made the office ready for business

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