Friday, August 05, 2016

PIU Ministry Update From Addie

(I received this update about the ministry of PIU interns Scott Refilong and Addie Namelo about a week ago (July 30) but had to wait until I got back to Guam to have time to post it. Thank you Addie for the update!)

Addie 7

Hey guys!

Addie 2We are officially down to our last days here in Liebenzell, New Jersey. I get very sad when I think about it, because it’s been a very good month. Let me tell you about the past few weeks. Last week we were in the city of Paterson doing children’s ministry with kids in the summer camps. We did so through this organization called Children’s Evangelism Fellowship. It was an amazing experience just to be able to talk to kids about Jesus while their at the park for a camp. These kids go to the park at 8am, hang out with other kids, play games, and just be there until 3pm when their parents pick them up. We are able to come in for an hour to share Jesus with them. There was many good stories that came out of this. It was just amazing.

Today is Friday and tomorrow we will be going to help at the Relief Bus again. One last time for Scott and me . Last Sunday evening we had time with some kids who came to have a retreat here at the campus. We taught them our songs “DEEPO DEEPO DEEP DOWN DOWN” & also “Oh My Feet are Made for Dancing”. Then Scott and I sang “I Have a Maker” (in Chuukese and English).

Addie 6Yesterday was another beautiful day with another beautiful ministry we were able to do. Scott and I love to sing and just worship, so yesterday was perfect. We went to a town near the beach called Ocean Grove. It’s about an hour away from home, which is, literally, like almost everywhere else we usually have to go. We were invited to do some worship singing on the boardwalk of the beach for an hour. Scott and I also sang “I Have a Maker”. It was amazing. Despite being sick for a week now, I haven’t been tied down and sure didn’t stop me from singing. The town people were very friendly and I was just blessed to a different kind of town.

Addie 5This coming Sunday we were invited to another church to sing and share testimony. I have agreed to share mine. I just want to thank God for the boldness in sharing Him that I have had this summer. Especially the courage or capability to fit right in with another culture, being able to do things I normally don’t do. I believe it’s because of the Love of Christ in me.

Monday we will be visiting the Embassy with Bill Schuit (Liebenzell USA Director). He got us an appointment to see the FSM representative there. Excited for that as well. Other than ministry, we’ve been able to squeeze things in to do for fun. We went to a conference in Washington D.C. It was amazing to see the singers in real life and just to worship with so much people. We were right across the White House, so we were able to see that as well. Can’t wait to come back home and share in person all the stories. See you soon!

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