Saturday, December 03, 2016

Kid’s Day at PIU

Kids Day 2016 (5) (1024x768)

Kids Day 2016 (6) (768x1024)Kids Day 2016 (9) (768x1024)Traditionally at PIU, the first Saturday of December is Kid’s Day. The event is actually the final exam for the Teaching Youth and Children class taught by Dr. Christel Wood. Christel has been teaching at PIU on Guam since 1995 (and several years in Chuuk before that) and the Kid’s Day goes back to when we moved on to the present campus in 1999-2000. Some of our current students had their first exposure to PIU at Kid’s Days back in the early 2000’s. This year’s theme was “God is Victory.” The games, memory verse, songs, story and project were all built around this theme. This year there were about 85 kids at the event and several PIU students and staff who are not in the class volunteered to help out too.

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The song time received enthusiastic participation, especially the theme song

Kids Day 2016 (15) (1024x768)Kids Day 2016 (18) (1024x768)Kids Day 2016 (20) (1024x768)Kids Day 2016 (21) (1024x768)

After singing, the group broke into three age groups for story time. The story subject was David and Goliath

Kids Day 2016 (24) (1024x768)Kids Day 2016 (25) (1024x768)Kids Day 2016 (27) (1024x768)

The group project was drawing a mural of the David and Goliath story

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The day ended with hot dogs and chips for lunch

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