Friday, December 02, 2016

Story Chapel at PIU with Seth

Seth Cahpel (10) (1024x768)

Seth Cahpel (1) (768x1024)Seth Cahpel (9) (768x1024)The chapel was set up a little differently than normal on Tuesday as you can see above. Seth set us up as though we were in an Southeast Asian village, in which most people would not be able to read or write, and showed us how to tell a story in a memorable way that could be passed on to others. It was a blessing to have him there. He is a friend from Gold Country Baptist Church in California and shared his memories of Joyce and I sharing the at VBS when he was a kid. Anyway, he gave us a lesson in how to tell memorable stories, in this case, using the contents of the trash can as visual aids. We have enjoyed having Seth on the PIU campus the last couple weeks. To find out more about the Story click here. You can read more about his project here.

Seth Cahpel (3) (1024x768)Seth Cahpel (5) (1024x768)

The worship band was also set up a little differently than normal

Seth Cahpel (8) (1024x768)Seth Cahpel (12) (1024x768)

It was fun to see how he got the whole audience involved in hearing and telling the story of Jesus’ presentation to Simeon at the temple.

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