Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Staff and Faculty Christmas Party

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PIU Xmas PArty (2) (1024x768)Wow, another year has so quickly passed. For some reason this is what I thought about at our annual PIU staff Christmas party on Saturday night. We always have it early in December before the church Christmas season really begins. This year we had it, potluck style, in the back yard at our home. As usual, the food and fellowship were amazing. Some of our Board members joined us too. The gift exchange was a lot of fun (I kept my coffee so it was a success for me). Joyce and I serve with a great group of people. We are blessed. Here are  few pictures of our PIU family at the celebration. Thank you Hartmut for taking an excellent group picture (above).

PIU Xmas PArty (3) (1024x768)PIU Xmas PArty (5) (1024x768)

Glenda, Joyce and Stella fill their plates while the Dixon family is already settle in with full plates

PIU Xmas PArty (6) (1024x768)PIU Xmas PArty (9) (1024x768)PIU Xmas PArty (11) (1024x768)

(L to R) Urte and Hartmut Scherer, Greg and Irene Calvo, Nikki and Jonathan Heimbach

PIU Xmas PArty (17) (1024x768)PIU Xmas PArty (18) (1024x768)PIU Xmas PArty (24) (1024x768)PIU Xmas PArty (28) (1024x768)

Nino, Gwen and Glenda Pate; Celia, Chloe and Michael Atoigue; Vivian and Iotaka Choram; Jele and Kaki Benejal

PIU Xmas PArty (13) (1024x768)PIU Xmas PArty (22) (1024x768)PIU Xmas PArty (29) (1024x768)

Joyce with… Jesse, Jonie and Jayna; the kids; Kaki celebrating that the clean up is finished

PIU Xmas PArty (25) (1024x768)PIU Xmas PArty (27) (1024x768)

Juan Flores, Jele and I serious and smiling

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