Friday, January 20, 2017

Another Medical Update

WIN_20170121_06_43_07_ProJoyce and I went to see the hematologist today to get his evaluation of the medical tests I have been taking over the last couple weeks. We did get a diagnosis, and the bottom line is that I have a T-Cell Lymphoma in the skin. However, this is not a complete diagnosis so I have been referred to the specialists at Stanford. The reason is that I also have enlarged lymph nodes. The most likely explanation is that they are enlarged from fighting the skin lymphoma. But, there is the possibility that the lymphoma is now in the lymph nodes as well.  (He thinks I have had the skin lymphoma for some time.) So, next week we will find out when I will go to Stanford for a bone marrow biopsy and consultation on the next steps. My hematologist said he has seen this only twice in 20 years of his medical practice. This means Joyce and I will be in California for at least the month of February for this treatment.

How do I feel about this? Hmm. I am in God’s hands which is a good place to be, but I am still not very happy about it. Like Paul, I desire to stay in my fruitful ministry, but it is God’s ministry and he can relocate or terminate me at will. I trust in his love for me, and for the people Joyce and I have the privilege of working with, which gives me some confidence. There is no such thing as certainty in this life. We must walk by faith. We appreciate your prayers as we walk out into the next steps of this adventure.


Jam-mac said...


We are praying for speedy return to good health. Strength to both of you. Jim & Judy

Jam-mac said...

Dave. God's strength to both you and Joyce