Sunday, January 29, 2017

Another Medical Update

The word is still :”WAIT!” We are referred to WIN_20170130_02_47_18_ProStanford, but first we have to wait to get a lymph node biopsy and they have not yet figured out whether that should be done here or at Stanford. We are hoping to hear early this week. We did spend Friday night in the ER in Placerville, because my swelling was getting worse. We were there almost 8 hours. I got a bed and slept most of that time, but Joyce didn’t.  I got an ultrasound which was clear. The doctor had lived on Guam before so he knew the potential for finding some parasites inside me. They drew a lot blood but, as of yet, have not found any of the little beasties in there. The bottom line is that it appears that swelling will not be dealt with until the skin lymphoma is treated. We’d appreciate your prayers that the testing would move forward quickly, doctors would find the precise diagnosis and, that I would be healed.

I’d also appreciate your prayers for Joyce on two issues. Her driver’s license expired on her birthday and it has been almost impossible for her to get renewed on Guam or get a new one here in California. Our friends are working on something on Guam and we are hoping to the get Guam license renewed. Secondly, she needs to get a refill on her medicine this week. This is a medicine she has been taking for a long time and it is hard to get. Hopefully, the pharmacy on Guam can mail some to us. We certainly have not been able to get it in California.

We value your prayers. We know people all over the world are praying for us and we are thankful. I’ll try to keep everyone updated.

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